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Zamudio is a wonderful example of the co-existence of innovative technology and traditional farmsteads, tending their crops and livestock in age-old fashion.

The reason for this unlikely partnership is that Zamudio, like Derio, is home to the most important technological park in the Basque Country, situated in exceptional natural surroundings, and landscaped with wide green areas and red bicycle lanes.

This township has known how to adapt and keep its traditions and heritage, as can be seen in the base of its famed culinary products: cider and txakoli were first produced here in 1679, and the extensive offer of steak-houses, wineries and restaurants it is a proof that we are in the right place to eat and drink well.

Zamudio is crossed by the coastal route of the Camino de Santiago and pausing on our way through the Arteaga neighbourhood, we discover a cluster of important historic buildings.