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The character of the town of Sopela is defined by the practice and practitioners of surf – due, naturally enough, to the highly prized waves breaking on its shores.

The coastline is spectacular here and offers quite magnificent scenery, with its sheer cliffs and capricious rock formations and flysch.

In Sopela we can try practically any sport we care to name: surf, hiking, climbing, mountain bike, paragliding...the list is endless.

If we prefer a more cultural plan, we can also enjoy the Sopela Kosta Fest at the end of September, or simply stroll through the streets of the town and discover the many sculptures, for example the guitarist from AC/DC, which make Sopela an open-air museum of curiosities.

Sopela also conserves interesting remains of the trenches, forts and bunkers of the Iron Belt which visitors ought to take a look at.

However, and without a shadow of doubt, the main attraction in Sopela are the four beautiful sandy beaches, protected by huge rock walls and today a favourite destination for bathers and surfers from far and wide.