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Natural surroundings and a long tradition of agriculture and livestock farming, all lend Laukiz its strong rural character, where customs from many years ago have been passed down from generation to generation and still hold sway today. One such tradition is the Gaztedi Sokatira Taldea, the youth tug-of-war team, founded in 1961 and today winners of over 40 medals from European and worldwide championships.

Laukiz has an important artistic heritage and amongst the sights it offers visitors we must highlight the town hall building, the birthplace of one of the Basque Country's most illustrious personages, the writer and poet Esteban Urkiaga, “Lauaxeta”.

The surroundings of Laukiz afford an excellent viewing point from which to contemplate the panoramic beauty of the region. One such place is Mount Unbe, also reknown for its religious interest, with its Sanctuary and nearby spring, said to have curative properties.

We mustn't forget, before we leave Laukiz, to taste its fine cuisine, where local products and traditional care are two of the most important ingredients.