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The coastal town of Gorliz has discovered how to preserve its natural and historic attractions, and how to attract visitors throughout the year.

It is a lively municipality, thanks in part to tourism, and also the well-known Marine Sanatorium which today is still a working hospital.

Gorliz's jewel is its setting by the sea, with over 4 kilometres of coastline, and some of the prettiest and most peaceful beaches in Biscay. The shell-shaped bay protects the waters and makes the beach ideal for families.

Gorliz offers a wide range of active tourism, including Coasteering, Big SUP and kayak tours. During the summer season there is also a floating water-park and the chance to soar over the waves on a Flyboard.

All around the bay are open spaces, perfect for hiking or Nordic Walking, with routes leading us through beautiful scenery to curious places, such as the lighthouse of Gorliz – the highest lighthouse on the whole Cantabrian coast.