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Located on the right bank of the River Nervión and close to the metropolitan area of Greater Bilbao, Erandio is a clear example of a transformation from small parish to industrial city, whilst it still maintains its rural character in its northern-most neighbourhoods of Goiherri y Erandio Goikoa.

A visit to Erandio will discover a lively town, full of activity and riches in the form of services of all types, good communication and activities ranging from cultural and sporting, to commercial, economic and industrial.

In Erandio Goikoa and Goiherri we can see some very interesting buildings, noted for their monumental heritage. These noble houses are the bequest of important families of the parish, passed down from the Middle Ages, like the Martiartu Tower, one of the most beautiful towers in all Biscay. This family was also the owner of the gothic tomb which can be admired outside the historical church of Santa María.