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Nature, rural areas, innovation, science and technology – all this and more exists in harmony in Derio: the largest urban nucleus in the Txorierri valley.

It is interesting to highlight the historical tradition of the importance of education, still very much alive today in the numerous schools and colleges in the area. Many of these are located in and around the Arteaga Centrum, popularly known as the Old Seminary of Derio and an important mulit-functional reference for the whole region.

Another aspect of Derio is its agricultural vocation, as reflected in the historical centre of the old town, centring on the church of San Cristóbal. Even today, important parts of the municipality keep their rural flavour, in a landscape scattered with meadows, small vineyards, greenhouses and vegetable patches... though visitors should not be surprised when they suddenly come across a strange, futuristic building in the midst of all this – Bizkaia Science and Technology Park, is remarkable in its capacity to attract talent. This quality has placed it as one of the most important innovation hubs for relatively emergent industries such as Industry 4.0 which have already become crucial to the development of the economy