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Arrieta is one of the highest towns in our region, perched on the slopes of Mount Sollube, one of the beacon mountains of Biscay from where the populace were called to parliament with the Lord of the province.

The town was a look-out post, and still affords fantastic views across the regions of Uribe and Busturialdea and some of Biscay's most emblematic peaks: Anboto, Oiz and Gorbeia.

Arrieta is the very essence of Nature, surrounded by woods and meadows which invite visitors to hike, stroll or simply enjoy the open spaces of Sollube, Otzagarai, Jainko and Landaguren.

Arrieta is also home to an important historical treasure trove of ancient funereal headstones, Romanesque carvings, mills, chapels and farmsteads which have withstood the passage of time.