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The region of Uribe, through ADR Jata-Ondo, its Association for Rural Development, has joined the network of Smart Tourism Destinations (STDs), thereby becoming the first province in Biscay to join the network.

This tourism development methodology is based on five key areas: Governance, Innovation, Technology, Sustainability and Accessibility.

The Smart Tourism Destination Network acts as a nexus that supports destinations in the process of transformation towards a smart, digital management model and the development of more sustainable tourism. This initiative is a key factor when adding value to destinations, as well as being an important tool for monitoring projects based on tourism analysis to promote cohesion, the exchange of good business practices and to increase synergy between destinations.


- Is a tool for prioritising lines of action that need to be implemented in a given destination to meet the objectives and requirements of a Smart Tourism Destination.

- Increases competitiveness, thanks to a better use of tourism resources and the identification and creation of other resources.

- Improves efficiency of production and marketing processes.

- Boosts sustainable development.

- Improves the quality of the stay of visitors and the quality of life of residents.

- Turns this tourism strategy into the driving force behind the economic stimulation of the region and guarantees its positive long-term effects.