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Uribe, the Txakoli region of Bizkaia par excellence, although it is also known for being the leading producer of craft beers in the Basque Country. Not only do you drink well, but you also eat very well in Uribe. We offer an excellent variety of fruit and vegetables from our fertile orchards, as well as products made from them.

Sweets are also a thing of our region, you will find the most typical cakes and tarts of which you are sure to have heard and which you cannot leave without trying.

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Its production began in the 12th and 13th centuries as a house wine and has developed until the present day, when it has achieved a very high quality production.Txakoli wineries in Uribe: https:



This is the Txakoli interpretation centre located in Bakio and shows the history, the evolution of the wine and the wineries, which, although they still cling to tradition, have managed to modernise. Here, you will see with the latest audiovisual and interactive media that in addition to white Txakoli, the best known, there is also rosé "ojo de gallo" and red and you will be able to learn in depth about the importance of Txakoli in Uribe.


The producers of the Natural Cider of Bizkaia work for the recovery of this traditional and ancestral drink, called Sagardoa or Natural Cider, in Uribe there are several wineries in Gatika (Eguzkiza winery and Etxebarria winery) and Lezama (Erdikoetxe winery).


 Pintxos are bite-sized snacks served in bars and taverns all over Uribe and Euskadi. They are a real "little" delicacy that you can't leave without trying.


Uribe is also a region of beers, and in recent years there has been a commitment to recovering this artisan drink, which is taking root in the region. Don't hesitate to visit them and enjoy the many activities organised throughout the year.

Boga garagardoa (Mungia)

Etxeandia Gararduak (Urduliz)

TitoBlas Brewing CO (Gorliz)

Txorierri Garagardoak (Sondika)

Drunken bros (Zamudio)


A cake made from corn flour produced in 17th century mills in the region, such as Luxerre (Gatika) and Errotabarri (Gamiz-fika), one of the few that are still in operation.

Nowadays, talos are still made in the family environment, although their consumption is mainly associated with festivals and popular fairs. These talos are usually accompanied by chorizo, although you can also try them with txistorra, black pudding, bacon, cheese, and there are even chocolate ones...



Uribe's vegetable gardens are full of colour, tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, chard... All of which are cared for with the utmost care by our baserritarras who make this work their livelihood. In addition, in many of the towns and villages, fairs are held annually and even monthly where you can buy these top quality, ecological and Km 0 products.