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If you visit Biscay and are curious to know the secrets of txakoli wine, then Uribe is your first port of call.

Our region has a long tradition of txakoli-making and on average we have more square kilometres of vineyards and more wineries than the rest of Biscay.

Discover for yourself everything about this much-appreciated beverage in any one of the eight wineries which, under the seal of approval of D.O. Bizkaiko Txakolina open their doors to visitors.

Apart from guided tours and wine-tastings, you can also visit Uribe's Txakolingunea, and enjoy finding out about this singular wine and its unique characteristics, its history and evolution, its varieties, processes and curiosities.

Txakoli is part of our culture and our traditions, and is linked to our land. To understand it, you must travel back in time to the 12th and 13th centuries when this “house wine” was made to be drunk by family and friends, to today, when it is beating all records for marketing and export. It is more and more prized, both at home and abroad. Would you like to know why? Come and try it for yourself.