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The geography of Uribe has a great natural beauty, in its differing environments and eco-systems.

Our valleys, Txorierri and Butrón, separated only by a range of low hills, make up one of the largest plains of Biscay.

Our farmers have created a unique landscape, of Atlantic countryside, crops and vegetable plots alternating with hedges and meadows filled with numerous species of animals and plant life.

Walking through the valleys of Uribe, you will discover the fundamental element which has defined our people and our way of life for centuries: the farmstead or baserri”. Some date back to the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries and are highly prized for their architecture.

The rural landscape of the farmstead features fountains, drinking troughs, washhouses, mills and limekilns, which all form part of our heritage. The dense network of roads and pathways also bears witness to a local culture and history which today has a new lease of life as the perfect way to see our region on foot.