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Conflicts in Medieval times obliged the rural nobility of Biscay to turn their homes into small forts, strong enough to fend off enemy attacks. These were the origins of the many towers and fortified houses scattered about the region.

From the Martiartu Tower in Erandio, to Torrebillela in Mungia and the Castle of Butrón, the star attraction on the itinerary, you can visit these buildings which still boast much of their original structure, with their guard houses, arrow slits and cannon emplacements.

Do this tour by car and take in 6 Medieval buildings in different parts of the region, each with an information panel which tells the secrets of the time, the tunnels, the thrills and the troubles. Learn about the influence of religion, the dress, wars between bands, territorial structure, naval trade and stories of pilgrims on their way to Santiago.

Go back in time and enjoy your visit to some of the most emblematic Medieval constructions in Uribe.

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