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Would you like to get close to a bird of prey? Stroke it? Let it land on your arm and set it flying again? Forget your humdrum daily routine and get to know the world of birds. What are they like? How do they behave? Why are they so important to Nature?... and you'll have the chance to interact and bond with them.

This experience has various different options, depending on the type of audience, and can be organised in one sole location, or as part of a short route.

How long is the activity?

Presentation. 5 min.

Basic information about birds of prey and the bird present in the activity. 20 min.

Demonstrative flights to understand their nature 25 min.

Photos with the bird and round-up. 10 min.

Who can join in?

Minimum number: 1 person.
Maximum number: 25 people.


From 1 to 4 people: 50 € per group
From 5 to 8 people: 60 € per group
From 9 to 12 people: 90 € per group
From 13 to 16 people:120 € per group
From 17 to 20 people: 150 € per group
From 21 to 25 people: 200 € per group
* Children under 5: 4 €.


Spanish, Basque and English.


Year-round except January 1st and December 25th
Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Information and bookings

Azeri Natura Guztiontzat
607 76 52 50